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Patient Action Algorithm




  1. To receive dental surgical, therapeutic, orthodontic and orthopedic care within the framework of the territorial program of state guarantees from the budget allocations of the regional budget and the compulsory health insurance funds (MHI) it is necessary to:
  2. To familiarize with the information for the patient on the stands of the polyclinic;
  3. Contact the registry: (window number 1) or cab. No. 319 (for orthopedic care):

 - Briefly and clearly tell the medical registrar the reason for contacting the clinic;

 - Present: a referral from a polyclinic at the place of residence, a passport, an insurance policy, for children up to 14 years old a birth certificate is a passport of one of the parents or a legal representative, documents confirming the benefit (for receiving orthopedic care);

 - Check out the outpatient medical history of the patient;

 - If you have acute pain, contact the medical registrar without a queue and present the above documents.  Medregistrator will issue an outpatient medical history and warn the doctor.  The doctor will assist you out of turn at the earliest opportunity.

 Patients who do not have an insurance policy, assistance is provided only for emergency reasons, according to the program of state.  warranties;

You can receive the full amount of necessary assistance in cases that do not require hospitalization and emergency care at the place of residence if you have a passport and medical insurance policy;

An appointment with the attending physician of the State Healthcare Institution "KKSP" can be made by calling: 8 (861) 268-68-20.


  1. In order to receive dental care, surgical, therapeutic, orthodontic, orthopedic within the framework of paid admission and VHI in connection with the personal desire of the patient it is necessary:
  2. To get acquainted with the list of services provided and the price list on the stands in the lobby near the registry;
  3. Contact the registry:

 -Briefly and clearly tell the reason for contacting the clinic;

- Present a passport or other identity document;

 -To issue an outpatient medical history of the patient and a contract for the provision of paid services;

- Get a referral to a dentist-surgeon, orthodontist or dentist-therapist in the control chair, to the head of the therapeutic department for appointment to the dentist-therapist (DMS).

 -Read and sign a contract for the provision of paid services;

 -Pay, consultation cost.

 The patient must follow all the recommendations of the doctor and comply with the terms of appointment for re-admission, as well as the need to know that the cost of treatment may vary depending on the clinical situation during treatment.

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